City Council
City Council is the governing body of the city. They collectively have many legislative powers that affect the citizens of Waverly. City Council was started in 1971, as dictated by the City Charter, and is comprised of 7 council members. Five of the seven members represent a WARD of the city, and the remaining two are elected AT LARGE. All Council members serve four year terms, but the terms are staggered, so that terms end every other year. Check out the Ward Map to see which ward represents you! 

Qualifications of City Council Members are:
Must live in the city for 3 continuous years before election
Must live in ward if applicable for 1 year
Must continue to live in the city for the duration of the term
Must not be elected, appointed or employed by a municipal or public office
Must not have any other interests in the profit of the city, such as contract work

Council Meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of the month
in the municipal building at 7pm.  


Mayor, Greg Kempton – (term expires 12-31-2023)

405 Bridge Street (wife Lynn)

Waverly, OH 45690

Office: 740-947-5162 

Cell: 740-708-1018 

email: [email protected] 

Council President

Thomas L. Patterson - Council President 

Council at large - (term expires 12-31-2025)

405 Walnut Street (wife Barbara)

Waverly, OH 45690

H: 740-947-8305  Cell: 740-708-0310


Ward 1 Council Member

Skymr Bevens – Ward 1

(term expires 12-31-2025)


Ward 2 A & B Council Member

Tom Hlasten - Ward 2-A & B 

(Bristol Village/Morningside & Cherry) 

(term expires 12-31-2023)

Waverly, OH 45690

Cell: 614-296-5532

Ward 3 Council Member

Christina Sheridan
(term expires 12-31-2023)
409 Hillside Ave.
Waverly, Ohio 45690
Cell: 740-970-0820

Ward 4 Council Member

Forest Blakeman 

(term expires 12-31-2023)

313 Maplewood Avenue (wife Ellen)

Waverly, OH 45690

H: 740-947-2792 Cell: 740- 835-1345

Ward 5 Council Member

Angel Glass -Ward 5

(term expires 12-31-2023)

Council Member - at - Large

Mary Ellen Cormany – Council at large

(term expires 12-31-2023)

425 E. Fifth Street (mother, Mildred Cormany 947-5007)

Waverly, OH 45690

H: 740-947-2955 Cell: 740-708-9625

Council Clerk

Shelly Anderson - Clerk of Council

Waverly, OH 45690

Council Office: 740-835-5049

email: [email protected]