Notice to Water Customers

As you are undoubtedly aware, the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio has contaminated some of Ohio’s waterways which has caused concern for our vital water source in southern Ohio.   Water for the Village of Waverly is drawn from the Teays Valley Aquifer which is an underground water source.   The water is pulled from the ground by three wells with an average depth of 65 feet per well. The water is then pushed to the treatment plant where it is treated for use before being sent through our distribution system and to your tap.
The recent spill in East Palestine has contaminated several surface water streams in eastern Ohio including the Ohio River. The Ohio EPA has not issued any additional directives to Waverly as our water source (Teays Aquifer) is not affected by the Ohio River. Therefore, the water source for the Village of Waverly is safe and secure from any potential contamination from the Ohio River.  
Further, water plant personnel will continue to monitor all water in accordance with Ohio EPA guidelines and will review contingency planning in the event an emergency may arise in the future.

 Walk-up windows are now available for customers and are located at the Tax, Mayor, Mayor's Court and Water/Sewer offices which are out front of the respective department offices. Also located at the Tax and Water/Sewer offices are drop boxes where forms and payments can be deposited. You may also call by phone during regular business hours or email with any additional services you require.

Important message from Mayor Kempton

Waverly All Call System sign up

The Village of Waverly has contracted with One Call Now for mass telephone messaging services. One

Call Now is an established mass communications company that has a proven track record working with municipalities and corporations.

By signing up with One Call Now, you will receive telephone messages containing important information for Waverly residents. Messages will be sent for water boil alerts, emergency notifications and general interest events. You may add more than one phone number and can register to receive text messages.

Use of this system will begin after a two week signup period ending November xx, 2014. We encourage all residents to sign up for this service as we believe it will greatly enhance communication of necessary information.

Click   Here   to go to the All Call Website to sign up.