The Mayor's Court for the City of Waverly meets every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. in the Studio located at 201 W. North Street, Waverly, Oh 45690.  If you are issued a citation, the court date you are scheduled to appear for the violation is listed on the front of the citation. 



You may pay waiver able citations by appearing in person at the Mayor's Court Office located at the Waverly Police Department 202 S. Market St., Waverly, OH 45690.  The Court accepts payment by money order, check or credit card.  Cash is accepted Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Waiver able citations can be paid by mail by signing the back of the citation where it says defendant's signature in the bottom right corner.  Mail the signed copy of the citation along with a check or money order for the waiver amount written on the bottom left corner of the citation to Waverly Mayor's Court 202 S. Market St., Waverly, OH 45690  Your payment MUST be postmarked by the court date on the front of the citation.

You may also pay waiver able citations by credit card over the telephone.  

Contact Information


   Ellen Burkitt
   Shelby Keller 
   Phone: (740) 835-8015
   Fax:      (740) 947-4944
   Mailing Address:
   Waverly Mayor's Court 
   202 S. Market Street
   Waverly, Oh 45690 
    Ruth A. Buckler 
     Law Director
     Dale Seif Jr.